Business Transformation

For all Businesses Transformation is essential to Stay Relevant & Surge Ahead

Business Transformation

In the fast pace of external disruptions, innovations & competition from unknown sources, the only way to survive is to create a “Disruption Within”through Transformation.

Leaders have to develop a sense of urgency, create a new compelling vision that challenges the entire organization

The Transformation Program looks into questions like;
  • What success looks like and means to the company, each function & individuals
  • What are the required products & services capabilities, roles & skills essential for the future
  • What would be the Goals, Targets & Strategic & Operational initiatives to achieve results
  • What Systems, Processes, Technology & Change initiatives would be essential
  • What Talent, Skills & Org. Structure will make new capability creation possible
  • What ways we should communicate & sensitize to address fear and resistance
    Sample Roadmap of Organizational Transformation Journey


    Reimagining the business

    In the Organization Transformation process we cover;
    • Business • Digital • HR • Finance transformations

    Execution is done through Three Parallel Phases;

    Manage the Present:

    Rapid business acceleration for higher revenue, cost optimization & improved profits in existing markets, segments.

    Master the Present:

    Re-visit & Refine or Expand Products & Services Portfolio, Customer Segments, Geographies, Branding & Positioning.

    Create the future:

    Re-invent the business-Innovations in Business Model, Products & Services, Technology or Processes.


    Business Transformation facilitates;
    • Re-imagining the Future & Re-Inventing the Business
    • Re-Creating Value Proposition & Culture
    • Re-designing Strategies & Execution
    • Re-constructing Systems & Structures
    That results into the Organization;
    • Leapfrogging ahead of the competition
    • Developing a culture of creativity & innovations
    • Creating Unique Customer Experience
    • Creating Tangible Benefits & ROI for the business

    Success Stories

    Changing the Business Model
    The client is an IT company in the niche and growing field having established its competence and having number of marquee clients amongst fortune 500 companies. While the company had technology competencies, they lacked growth vis-à-vis peers and was unable to encash its strength in spite of having excellent track record and good client success stories.......
    Leadership & Management Systems
    The client is a leader in Open source IT systems with global presence having its development and business support services centre in India.The offshore centre was till now considered as resource centre and the new centre head along with the group leadership wanted to leverage the capability for better benefits and ROI.....
    New Capability Creation
    The client is a manufacturing company with over a decade’s presence with well established business model and practices. The growing manpower necessitated establishing a structured HR practice with Standardization of policies, procedures, compliance with regulations and creating a performance management model in context of the business.....
    Scale up the business
    The client is a business group having multiple businesses for more than last 3 decades. In one of the online business they wanted to scale the operations.The company wanted to scale up the operations by attracting more number of users and also add several innovative and new features by transforming their current set of operations.....

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