We Future Proof Your Business

InUnison helps you scale up & future proof your business by making systematic change.

Whether you are a start-up, SME or a large enterprise, we help you scale up your business. We transform your capabilities relevant with customer expectations, future business scenarios & help you transition to;

  • Achieve a healthy, consistently growing top line & bottom line
  • Proactively identify new growth opportunities & de-risk from emerging threats
  • Keep pace with changing technologies & customer expectations
  • Deliver value & personalised customer experiences ahead of others
  • Insulate your business from the uncertainties & disruptions

Achieve Extraordinary Results

We provide business strategy consulting services to make your business future ready

InUnison helps you manage change effectively to produce tangible results with 360 degree integrated strategic approach.

We use right growth drivers & success enablers in context of your business to accelerate growth & future proof your business.






Our offer

Meet your business goals with speed & agility

From developing new ideas, creating unique offerings, establishing brand to scaling up your business; InUnison makes it easy.

Backed by more than 3 decades of global experience from corporate to start up clients, we help ambitious entrepreneurs & leaders to take their business to the next level of success.

Our clients have achieved 300% to 1000% rapid growth, developed innovative offerings, business models & have transformed with digital into highly scalable businesses.

Start-Up Advisory Services

We help start-ups become market creators.
Our role with passionate start-up founders;
  • Early traction & scalability
  • Pivot at right time
  • Hack growth
  • Help in fundraising with higher valuation

Business Consulting Services

We help businesses become market leaders.
Our role with ambitious business owners & leaders;
  • Uncover new growth opportunities
  • Build new capabilities
  • Increase revenue & profitability
  • Create competitive advantage

InUnison; A decade of delivering Value

We specialize in giving your business a makeover – one that radically changes the way you conduct your business & rewire the business framework that the company & its management has been operating till now.

Our portfolio is studded with stories of entrepreneurs & CXOs like you who have walked the path of business reinvention, digital transformation and disruptive innovation with us to ensure growth, scalability and future-readiness.

InUnison; a trusted partner to grow, reinvent & future-proof your business.

Trusted by 200+ Customers across 20+ industry sectors

Driven by foresight, digital technologies & innovations we have helped companies make an impactful change to deliver higher value to the customers, markets, economy & environment.

  • We had multiple siloed technologies across our business and were looking to create better digital presence to power our business growth & expansion. InUnison with deep business & technology expertise helped us define a comprehensive digital strategy for end-to-end integration & improved data & information flow at very customer touch point. The initiatives helped us transform our cloud applications with modern architecture & design, adopt new technologies and enhance our customer & employee mobile apps.

    Managing Director, Retail Business.

  • We were looking for expanding our business beyond current geographies. InUnison helped us define clear strategies to expand our business in new geographies like US and Europe. They also helped us create new solutions and consulting practice to improve our margins and exit our operations from one of the markets that was impacting our profitability.

    CEO, Construction Tech Company

  • We had tried many consultants prior to engaging InUnison. The knowledge and expertise InUnison brought in no one did and the results were astounding. Besides growth strategies they recommended technology solutions to generate and convert more leads and improve our operational efficiency.  Within 1st year of engagement, we achieved 3X growth and within 3 years we clocked 10X increase in our customer base and 6X increase in our profits.

    CEO & MD, Healthcare company

  • InUnison was very quick in identifying our growth hurdles. They developed comprehensive strategies to refine our offerings, improve market positioning and helped us in streamlining our processes. We achieve higher sales, increased team size and achieved overall growth of our business & operations.

    Founder Director, Manufacturing company

  • As a start-up business, we needed initial traction with paying customers. While we were able to generate enough meetings somehow, we were not able to convert those into sales. InUnison helped us refine our sales process, improved our pitch & positioning. Within 2 months of the engagement, we got 2 clients, our conversion rate increased drastically getting 5 more clients to reach 100% utilisation within 6 months.

    Founder, HR services start-up

  • For almost a year we were struggling to meet our sales targets. Engaging InUnison was the best decision. They helped us create a niche and aggressively position in the market. Sales started kicking in within few months and by end of the year we not only achieved 2X sales growth but also had a robust order pipeline for next year.

    Business owner, IT services Company

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