Every Industry and Sector is today undergoing transition. While there are disruptions with technology advancements and competition emerging from unknown areas; there are equally good opportunities for everyone.

Team In-Unison helps business owners & leaders to sense right opportunities ahead of others and work towards identifying white spaces to create an innovative offerings that gives early mover advantage and higher market share at high margins.

In-Unison has clients across more than 28 different industrial sectors. This not only demonstrates the depth of knowledge & expertise of team In-Unison, but also reflects confidence of it's clients on our ability to help them overcome their challenges and put them onto accelerated growth path as well as transform and re-invent in the new digital world.


To achieve sustainable higher growth Manufacturing companies will have to quickly adopt Industry 4.0 and Digitalization. There are number opportunities like Shop-Floor modernization through deploying sensors, automation with robots or cobots, supply chain digitalization, implementing Analytics for better insights & decision making and transition from traditional R&D function to an agile innovation lab.

Each business is unique, every company is different. Therefore the choice of where to begin, which digital options & technologies will benefit the most and provide higher return on investment is different for every company.

In-Unison has the expertise to deeply analyse manufacturing companies & help them create a Industry 4.0 adoption roadmap, digital footprint, recommend right technologies, solutions and help in selecting right vendors.

Information Technology

IT companies today have tremendous opportunities to leverage from Technology Disruptions and help industries in Digital Transformation in the areas like Digital Solutions with UI/UX, Mobility, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Infrastructure etc;.

In-Unison works with IT companies to create and strengthen their Digital delivery capabilities. As business transformation catalyst we help companies in establishing innovation culture & developing new capabilities.

In-Unison has led business transformation, defining strategies and developing leadership interventions to help IT companies expand their customer base, global footprint with increased revenue and higher market share


Banking & Financial Services companies are going through tough times. On one hand they are facing competition from Fintech companies, while on the other they are experience deteriorating asset quality impacting profitability.

Team In-Unison has more than three decades of Domestic and Internaltional banking experience both in hard core banking as well as implementing enterprise scale technology solutions globally. In-unison brings in Digital Transformation expertise to help in replacing manual processes with robotics process automation, deploying analytics & AI solutions

In-Unison also has a unique growth focused lending model that generates a safe lending score like CIBIL for companies which can help banks averting NPAs

Other Industries worked with

Every Industry today has tremendous opportunities to accelerate their growth. To achieve this every industry has to adopt latest technologies and need to transform their business as well as operations.

Team In-Unison helps business owners & leaders to identify right strategies and actions in context of their business. We have worked across more than 28 diverse sectors and are always eager to take on new sectors as challanges to not just prove our abilities but also provide necessary knowledge and support to everyone to prosper and thrive their business