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October 9, 2015
Self-Motivated People, Self-Propelled Org
October 9, 2015

Vitamin ‘C’ for Leadership


Since time immortal, academia and industry alike have studied and will continue to fathom the essential qualities and characteristics that distinguish few from the rest when it comes to leading people for a common cause and driving success. Our point of view focuses on 4 critical areas of leadership qualities that are utmost essential to lead people and organizations to astounding success Conviction: Having seen a future state or a dream or an idea, the leader must have conviction in the merits of his / her Vision. In general, conviction means a strong persuasion or belief. It also means the state of being convinced. A strong conviction will lead to developing a strong vision for the organization. Courage: It is an essential characteristic for transforming a dream into reality. Great leaders are known for their courage and risk taking abilities. Successful organizations demonstrate risk taking ability at all levels across the organization but it always starts from the top. Communication:  A leader must be able to translate his vision into an effective communication that inspires people, persuade them to organize behind the idea and create a compelling reason for people to act.Communication is not just about written notes, mails, posters and strategy documents. Verbal communication does not only mean addressing town halls or gatherings.  It goes beyond in building a common language across organization that resonates a “can do” attitude, expresses a common goal and fosters collaboration for success. Commitment: A leader must have an ability to obtain commitment from people. It is normally witnessed that while those around and in top echelons are committed for a common purpose; there are “self-fulfilling” islands in management and throughout the organization. These people slow down the pace and bring in hurdles in an otherwise collaborative environment. A leader must have his eye and ears open to identfy & weed out such tendencies from the organization.