Re-inventing the Organization
October 9, 2015
Strategy for the people, by the people of the people!!
October 9, 2015

Transformation is creating the future!!


Pace of technology change-not only Information Technology but all technology changes in the industry and day to day life, changes in communication & social media are drastically altering the way we used to conduct business, engage customers and market products as well as services.

Organizations are confused on how much to focus on today-i.e.”Run the organization” as against focus on tomorrow-i.e.”Change the organization”.

It further complicates when it comes to provision for products & services, engaging through social media and how best they can leverage their IT investments for decision making… the list is endless.

Against this backdrop, we see Organizations making incessant attempts to bring in drastic change, to no avail. They have processes that create more hurdles & barriers than smoothing operations, IT systems that fail to show an integrated view & help make right decisions, leadership failing to invigorate passion, management team that is constantly engaged in self-aspiring / fulfilling motives and at loggerheads with others in the organization instead of working collaboratively towards a common goal & last but not the least the atmosphere is full of stress, anxiety and uncertainty.

In a nutshell, organizations are constantly at Point of inflection from where no one knows or can’t predict whether it will take a positive upward direction, negative or may nosedive to be extinct in near future.

There are however few companies, that are and will overcome this disruption tornado, only through “inside-out and outside-in” change.

Long back IBM, once a giant computer hardware manufacturing company that was on the verge of collapse transformed itself through IBM Global Services. Today it doesn’t want to be known as a Multinational company but are transforming to be seen & felt by their staff, customers and suppliers as an organization that is “Globally interconnected”.

The Consumer giant Unilever is on the journey of transforming itself to be the “world’s most innovative corporations”; boldly adopting a business model of contributing to the society instead of just taking from them.

Examples are ample, but mind well, as with other things, transformation too has become a hype and buzzword. It has become a very loosely used terminology or jargon without really understanding its true nature.

Achieving real transformation is neither an overnight exercise nor like adopting and implementing certain standards and best practices. It’s not an exercise achieved in a typical command & control manner releasing a communication from top down.

It needs courage & strong will power & strategy to envision transformation & must begin with transformation of the leadership & management team.

“I am personally convinced that one person can be a change catalyst, a “transformer” in any situation, any organization. It requires vision, initiative, patience, respect, persistence, courage, and faith to be a transforming leader.” –Stephen R. Covey

What we know for sure & can bet on is, if planned and implemented properly, transformation can have far-reaching implications and benefits for the organization. It not only has profound impact on the organization’s Capabilities, Culture, Processes & Performance but also deliver significant results that are visible on the Top and the bottom line.

Through the series of blog articles we intend to traverse this journey of understanding “organizational transformation” step by step, area by area, making it easy to co-relate with any type and size of organization and help them all adopt & undertake this journey….