Transformation is creating the future!!
October 9, 2015
Value Creation and Customer Experience
October 9, 2015

Strategy for the people, by the people of the people!!


The standard route of adopting strategic direction originates in the corner office, gets formulated at off-sites and planned in the departmental meetings with people involved on “need to know” basis.

Throughout the history and practices of modern management, there is very little consideration of people-their passion, aspiration around the organizational strategic exercise. There has been no place for emotions in corporate world. Ironically, we all know that without committed people we can not see dedicated actions leave true results.

In last couple of decades while “strategies to win” have created success for many organizations there have been equally large number of failures and more so due to greed and obsession of wining-being number one. Of many reasons, the most certain one, is exclusion of “people with right mindset & attitude” in the entire strategic management process.

Who are the people behind devising the strategy? What is their attitude? What is their state of mind?

We all know the standard strategic planning & execution route is,

  • People who envision and express the strategy-The leadership
    • People who establish & operationalize the strategy -The management team
    • People who execute the strategic plan and actions-The staff, the suppliers, the partners and such
    • People who are recipient of the strategic benefit-Customers, stakeholders and employees

But do we always know and ensure that the people behind the wheel have right attitude that is devoid of greed, ego or self-satisfying nature, ulterior motives for self propensity, unhealthy competition, jealousy and all such natural human tendencies, if not transformed, will create barriers for success. The current mindset create competition not collaboration, creates self-aspiring actions not pursuing common goals.

Secondly, are people across all levels part of the strategy definition journey or is it limited to top echelons of the organization? How about crowd-sourcing your strategy? Would it not be fair to include people across the organization not as mere executors of the strategic action that flow from top to bottom but be part of the strategy formulation and planning exercise? Wouldn’t that bring in fresh ideas and innovative approaches?

For a change, how about taking a simple reverse route-empowering people to formulate and present ideas on strategy for growth, for maturity of the organization, strategy for products & services that will create customer delight? These are then taken up by the senior management for brainstorming & presenting the strategic road-map to the leadership & board of directors?

Last but not the least, how about customers being part of your strategy unfolding exercise. How about asking your loyal / best customers the question-what kind of changes if brought in the organization would further create a unique experience & delight for them? What kind of organization they would like to deal with?