Value Creation and Customer Experience
October 9, 2015
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October 9, 2015

Strategies to create value, not just for winning against competition!!


We cannot solve today’s problems with the same level of thinking that created the problems in the first place Albert Einstein

Since the advent of modern management theories and practices, strategy has been at the fore-front of driving organization success and for staying ahead of the competition. We firmly believe that strategy for winning against competition is apt and good for games as well as wars, certainly not for businesses. Further coming from the background of oriental philosophy we knew very well that anything standing on the foundation of rivalry will not be sustainable and hence we couldn’t fathom strategy as just a game plan for winning against competition.

What effect will a strategy focused on wining against competition will have when we don’t know who the real competitor is? e.g. Was Pepsi the real competitor for Coke? They expanded their market share and created the top most brand only after defocusing Pepsi as a competitor and instead considering all other forms of drinks as the real competition. OR with disruptive technology and business models, no one knows where the threat to the business will emerge from? e.g. Death of greeting cards industry with advent of internet & gadgets or video-conferencing denting holes into airlines business are examples of competition emerging from unknown territory.

Secondly, we have witnessed, too much focus on winning has created obsessive tendencies of being number ONE or dethroning competition by any means. Be it greed, corruption or inferior practices. We therefore consider focusing only on winning as a very limiting factor, given the ability of modern organizations to innovate for Universal well-being. We therefore completely disagree with the worldview of “strategy for winning against competition”. WE MUST CHANGE THE WORLDVIEW.

We @ In-Unison envision and espouse,STRATEGY FOR VALUE CREATION

We envision taking strategic management from the board rooms to the field where actual execution happens. From boards rooms of large corporates to medium size companies who has the potential to be the future conglomerates and to the entrepreneurs / owners of small companies or start-ups for whom the strategy could mean as little as just focusing on establishing right business model. Our focus is to create value for the universal well-being!!