Vitamin ‘C’ for Leadership
October 9, 2015
Are you relevant; how long would you be?
December 1, 2015

Self-Motivated People, Self-Propelled Org


What creates motivation?, What creats a strong bond or will power in employees to deliver? What it takes to create a total ownership culture amongst the employees? And a more fundamental question-Whether or not self-motivated people & self-propelling environment can be a reality? Our point of view suggests, YES IT IS. To bring home the point, close home we look at two examples;

  • the “Mumbai Dubbawala” – Decades old business How is it that without any formal education, frameworks and methodologies the Dubbawala’s are able to achieve a Six Sigma performance? What is it that motivates them to deliver consistently while earning a paltry sum and facing daily hardships of commuting in the heavily crowded local trains?
  • “Warkari” community  – A tradition for centuries demonstrating power of collective leadership What is the logic behind hundreds of thousands of Warkari’s traveling miles bare foot every year, in spite of not even being able to get a glimpse of their deity – the purpose for whom they undertake the journey. What ignites them to keep the spirit and tradition alive for more than 12 centuries? Actually it defies all logic & rational thinking. No one forces them, neither are they coerced into action by any leader or manager. They are at free will and yet take the ownership & deliver results that have no parallels.

In a nutshell, it seems to be feasible to create such an environment. Can this be replicated or created in the corporate world? A careful observation and study of above examples will indicate presence of single element called Selflessness”. From Our point of view following TWO aspects has potential to create such an environment- Conditioning: Well orchestrated mind conditioning can help overcome self beliefs, views, ego and similar limiting factors. The exercise should lead to seeing bigger picture for the business, for the mankind and universe. All of us live to fulfill “my” dreams, desires and aspirations. There is tremendous power in “Giving” that need to be re-taught, understood and experienced. If imbibed by all, has a potential to create an organization where ”Me” gets replaced with “We”. People will then come together to create and share for giving. It will result in giving their best to colleagues, to partners, to customers, to the ecosystem and the society at large. State of being: A well conditioned mind will lead a person to identify purpose of existence – for self and for the organization. Living a life of fulfilling the purpose then leads one to be in the constant state of being. It is like becoming one’s own master, remaining in control of the situation no matter what happens. No one would need an external stimulus to motivate, perform or be forced into action if one identifies the purpose and unearths the hidden potential within. This is what the stories of the Dabbawalas and Warkari’s are telling us. Telling us loud & clear to re-think. Embrace few old philosophies, that were considered taboo till now due to emergence of “new” management theories and best practices – most of them failing to create die hard commitment in people. And when EQ found a place in today’s board-room considerations, we think we are moving in right direction.