Be the Catalyst to “transform” your Organization Culture!
October 9, 2015
Transformation is creating the future!!
October 9, 2015

Re-inventing the Organization


“Future cannot be predicted nor controlled it can be anticipated and created”– Lincoln

More often than not, when we interact with people & mentioned our “Raison D’être-Purpose of existence” is “transforming organizations…globally, people ask what we precisely do.

Majority of them have read about Change and Change management. For most of the people working across global organizations transformation initiatives are not new. Yet we have seldom seen those initiatives bringing transformation in the organization that makes it ready to create the future. Those are at best big initiatives transforming one or other part of the organization.

Naturally the question would then be “what do we mean & envisage from transformation”?

Transformation is building an ability to create the future & make it happen. Bring 360 degree change in the organization that will enable it not just to create a future but also make it a reality.

Unlike change, Transformation is all encompassing. It engulfs entire organization and it’s more of altering mindsets, creating a new world of opportunities, changes the way of looking at problems, makes innovation in products & services a regular and routine phenomenon, invigorates people to be self-motivated, self-corrective and treating everyone as human beings-be it staff, suppliers or customers & finally enables organizations to go beyond numbers-revenue, margins and profit towards Universal Well-being.

Transformation is change of “form”. Almost like re-birth, like re-inventing the wheel. It occurs as a result of well orchestrated and led strategy. The process involves

  • Re-imagine the future
  • Re-Invent the culture
  • Re-design-the execution &
  • Re-construct- the structures

The journey transforms the organization that includes;

  • Transforming the Strategic Direction – Through “inside-out” in excelling at operational efficiency, optimal usage of resources, enhanced productivity while bringing the requisite innovation at play through “Outside-in” thinking to create products and services that customers aspire, prefer & choose.
  • Transforming the Culture – A culture that is customer-centric in all actions. One that has self-inspiration, self-correction, collaboration, collective “ownership” and universal well-being at its core.
  • Transforming the Capabilities – Creating a technology led organization that drives the business change with attaining self-corrective & optimized process excellence.
  • Transforming the People – Changing the mindset of leadership, management & people’s that gives them the power to imagine a new future and work in tandem to create it.

Don’t wait, the time will never be just right!! Napoleon Hill