Business Yoga

Business yoga workshop is crafted for business owners to strike a right balance between Growth & Excellence.

The participants are the business owners who have hunger for growth and would like to see their business grow in a structured manner; add value in their business; intend to do Business At Ease

Program Higlights:
>> Review & refine the Business model & operating models in your own business context
>> Design winning strategies
>> Define & Implement Structured Management Practice
>> Create Functional Charter, Goals & Targets
>> MIS, metrics & measurement mechanism

Duration: 6 months practical program with a clear objective of making a tangible difference in your business.

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Career Yoga

Career yoga workshop is designed for emerging leaders.

The programs aims to equip Individuals who are aspirant of getting into next level of leadership at CxO & equivalent level,

Program Highlights:
>> Developing Strong Business acumen
>> Developing Digital Fluency
>> Understanding & Designing Digital Business Models for your business
>> Developing leadership qualities required to lead millennials
The program has two versions;
1) Open program where people from any organziaiton meeting the criteria can join.
2) Program tailored and customized for leaders within one company.

Duration: 2 Full days

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Leader Yoga

Leader yoga workshop is specially designed considering two aspects of leadership;

A) Developing Digital Leaders to Cruz the organization in the digital era

B) Go beyond and Enhance Spiritual Qualities within through developing inner self with mind programming

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