Leadership Transformation

Empowering leadership to anticipate & deliver the future

Leadership Transformation

Most of the businesses today face challenge of lack of readiness & scarcity of next level of leaders.Traditional leadership development has been gearing up leaders to run businesses in stable environments, making them poorly prepared for the much faster-paced & dynamic business environment.

The only way to face & overcome the new reality is through Leadership Transformation

We need leaders;

  • Who can remain calm under turbulence to steer their Organization to Success
  • With vision to lead organization in the unknown territory
  • With an ability to build Strong Relationship & Inspire teams to do their best
  • With Stable Mind & Intellect to face the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous world


Our unique interventions developed through blend of ancient & modern scientific techniques work on much deeper level to alter the mind set.

Our interventions cover A) Basic two days Leadership Transformation Orientation Program; B) A Five Day outbound Transformation Attainment Program & C) A Year-long Transformation Permanence Program, strengthening participants Business Acumen & significantly enhancing core Leadership Temperament

At a broader level these programs focus on;

  • Creating a distinction between the real and perceived world
  • Creating understanding of body, mind, intellect, ego synchronization & benefits of equilibrium
  • Developing ability to see the interconnectedness, interdependence, interlinked & integrated business view to foster collaborative & cohesive work culture in the organization
  • Increasing ability of applied thinking in creating & translating the vision, mission, goals ,objectives & strategies
  • Developing ability to understand the time & space collapse to handle, manage & create disruptions


The Interventions provide first-hand experience & equips with ability to handle ambiguity, uncertainty, steer & scale the company in the turbulent, volatile & complex environment. For the Participants these Programs;

  • Alters the world view resulting into establishing a yogic mind set in a business environment
  • Increases ability of Differential Thinking & Decision Making for immediate business benefit
  • Enhances Energy, Focus, Creativity and Productivity
  • Drastically improves relationships, ability to inspire & lead others
  • Enhances the ability to lead the organizational to accelerated profitable & sustainable growth

Success Stories

Succession planning
The client is a US based company in the healthcare IT segment providing IT platforms and solutions for the healthcare industry in US and across the world. The captive centre in India wanted to establish succession planning across the top leadership team but was not able to do so owing to matrix structure as well as diverse business functions co-located with different operating models and the leadership team reporting to different business units not having synergy or interactions and therefore buying in was difficult.....
Managing Disruptions
The client is a conglomerate having businesses in Automobile, Information technology, hospitality and many other sectors.The Group CIO wanted to create acceptance of various group IT company CIO & CTOs towards adoption of innovative & disruptive technologies while managing the application life cycle, vendor due diligence and risk assessment along with establishing roadmaps by the respective company and governance structured by Corporate IT......
Owners Transformation
The clients were two professional partners with own set-up established for more than 4 decades. The professionals had good academic background, expertise and respective specialties. They were not able to adjust themselves with competition & evil practices in the sector that were not acceptable in their value system. The practices were not growing and they were unable grow the business; even sustain it due to growing costs....
Next Level Leadership Development
The client was an Indian IT company providing service to EU clients from their centre in India. The company had aggressive growth plans with increases in business segments, categories and clientele.The CEO wanted his team to be groomed for A) Scaling and stretching up to embrace the significant growth opportunities through personal and team transformation & B) Develop next level of leaders and managers to support and sustain the planned business expansion.....

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