Digital Businesses need Digital Leaders. Digital leaders doesn’t mean just having digital literacy but digital fluency. It is much more than just knowing the latest technologies & disruptions.

The true essence of Digital leaders is one who has the ability re-imaging the business in the context of fast changing business dynamics and customer expectations.

The digital leaders are the one who are able to visualize the new business and operating model for their business, those who are able to visualize the customer journeys, changing buying experience & connect with millennial.

Therefore the traditional leadership qualities & characteristics will not work and hence the traditional leadership development approach is obsolete.

Leadership Development Offerings

Keynote Address

Invite our CEO Mr. Sandeep Barve to address your Leadership team on “Digital Leadership”

In the keynote Sandeep demonstrates how to effectively lead the organization & make a positive impact in the Digital & Disruptive World by channelizing the thinking and realisation towards;

1. Disruption is the new Normal
2. Talent in the new competitive advantage
3. Unconventional Strategies is the new direction

He brings in specifics in context of your business & Industry that can pave way to develop concrete clarity & direction for the leadership team to:

1. Enlighten the self & the leader within
2. Trigger thinking differently
3. Envision a new direction for your business
4. Get equipped to lead in the Digital World

Sandeep has been into Leadership position across multi-national companies as a Global Director & Head of Strategy & Change Function. With his extensive business and IT experience along with the thought leadership he brings in elements of design thinking, how to disrupt instead of getting disrupted, and how leaders need to think differently and introduce Unconventional Strategies, Methods, Tools & technologies to grow & excel in the Digital World.

Digital & Business Acumen Program for Emerging Leaders

A completely different workshop that is most hands-on with an objective of developing New Age Digital Leaders. It equips & empowers leaders to deliver astonishing results in there LOB/ Function and contribute to the corporate objectives.

The program manifests qualities required in new age digital leaders, those;

1. Who can remain calm under turbulence
2. Who will focus on creating a niche
3. Will strive to create superior experience for everyone
4. Build the culture for a different competitive advantage
5. Establish & lead the organization “Agile Everything” practices
6. Transition to “Digital Everywhere” model

The 3 day residential program is tailored to suit the organizational context however at a broad level covers;

1. Enlighten : Mastering Self, Awakening the Leader Within
2. Equip : Mastering Business, Adopting Digital & Agile
3. Empower : Leading & Managing Transformation
4. Engage : Overcoming Politics & Resistance of Transformation

Engagement Model

Call us to schedule a meeting wherein we can walk you through how this program can be tailored to your Business & Leadership context so that the leaders are able to take your organization to the next level of growth & excellence.

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