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Every businesses grow by a certain percentage every year. When the company moves from one level to another, some unseen gaps automatically get created in every functions. These unseen gaps may become growth barriers later & create unnecessary stress, pressure & disturbance in business growth.

Our proven Business Health Assessment for Growth & Excellence model helps companies to do current state analysis of the business; overcome current barriers & boost the strengths, growth drivers & inner capabilities and create a strong foundation for next level of growth.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Why Businesses Need a Health Assessment?
Ideally every business should get the assessment done to know the gaps that get created over a period of time and remove the disparity among various functions.

Besides providing opportunity to fix the gaps it provides an objective assessment of the risks faced by the business, the silos, miscommunication, co-ordination & collaboration gaps among various functions.

The benefit by closing the gaps helps business runs smoothly and a foundation for strong growth gets created. It will ensure that the strategies are executed and you get the desired results.

Therefore even if your business is not facing any challenges at this juncture, it would be helpful to get the assessment from the future success perspective.
In which Sstuations the assessment should be done immediately?
For companies that are dealing with situations like below it is a immediate need and MUST for such business in conditions like;

  • Daily fire fighting & Operational Challenges
  • Sales conversion, cash flow or team motivation related challenges
  • If the business owner stuck in operations
  • If business is not growing beyond a certain limit
  • Business owners who wants to know what’s going wrong or what is not working
  • Owners who want to assess the risks in the current business model

What is the purpose of Health Assessment if everything is going fine?
A successful business in one that invests in opportunities that generate the highest returns. It is therefore essential to do a due-diligence of all new investments as well as major expenditure for change and improvement initiatives so as to ensure the best option is selected among available alternative. It is equally essential to assess the internal capabilities, readiness to change & transform and availability of right resources to make the change successful. Therefore before you plan geographical expansion, new product or service introduction, decide to adopt a new technology or plan to invest in new capabilities.
How much time does it require?
The assessment is conducted within a week's time and the final report is available to the business within 2 weeks from engagement. The top leaders & business heads will have to invest up to 3-4 hours each to facilitate the assessment.

Engagement Model

Business Health Assessment for Growth & Excellence; with Implementation

The assessment comprises of complete 360 degree review of the organziation.

Our Unique Model covers crucial 10 dimensions with mroe than 300 questions across 3 levels of performance & Maturity to assess the individual funcitons

The findings unearth the unseen gaps and root causes of the problems the organzition is facing.

It also highlights the strengths & hidden potential to tap the opportunities presented by the market

The recommendations and resultant actions bridge the gaps and creates a string foundation for accelerated growth & excellence.

The assessment covers;
  1. 1x1 Meetings with Leadership & Business Heads
  2. Information, MIS & Data review across the company
  3. One Day Brainstorming session with owners/ leaders
  4. One day Team motivaiton session
  5. Two Days Strategy & Actions definition Workshop with owners/ leaders
  6. 100 days action review & results support

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