Business Strategy

Winning strategies is what truly differentiates Successful Companies from the Rest.

Developing Winning Strategies

A well thought out Business Strategy can help organizations avoid short term distractions & address crucial questions like;

  • How do we stay relevant in the changing market conditions?
  • How do we satisfy customer needs & remain competitive?
  • How do we attract right talent and develop next level of leaders?
  • How can we achieve sustainable profitable growth?

We help businesses define well thought out Business Strategy covering;

• Growth • Go To Market • Product • Digital • Innovation • Operational Excellence • People • Customer • Financials • Processes • Management dimensions.

We bring in cross industry knowledge, expertise & ability to get the best out of the business & add immense value to the Strategic Planning Process.

Sample One page Summary Report


We work closely with enterprise owners, leadership & management teams in formulating right business strategies in context of their business helping them;

• Understand what high performing teams do differently
• Understand how to create a wining growth strategy
• Know their real business growth drivers
• Know how to create a customer centric focus in their company
• Know how to establish right management practices

The Strategy formulation process covers;

  • Problem Definition
  • Market analysis, opportunity & possibilities
  • Setting our horizon, aspirations
  • Analysing Current State & Gaps
  • Quantitative & Qualitative objectives
  • Identifying & defining winning strategies
  • Building capabilities to deliver results
  • Resource needs & fulfilment
  • Governance, Risks & Controls
  • Communication & Execution Plan


Strategic planning helps you achieve your organizational goals faster. The process leads to creative thinking & generation of new ideas & opportunities. Business Strategy;

  • Creates agreement on long term business future of your company
  • Establishes a concrete roadmap for the business to pursue & clear direction to the employees
  • Communicate & engage your teams to drive high performance
  • Creates a high performing business culture
  • Creates better business results

Rightly executed strategies will not only help you increase your market share but expand the business & attain market leadership position.

Success Stories

Business Growth Strategy
The Client is a manufacturing company in Energy sector. In the phase of it's growth journey, multiple directors couldn’t agree on what will bring the next level of growth. Short term distractions led to creating diverse product lines. Company lacked direction, sales & financials were deteriorating.Growth was stagnated with higher inventory costs & weak margins leading to reduced profitability. This was addressed by creating a robust Business Growth Strategy that tripled the growth within a year.....
IT Strategy
The Clients is a progressive bank who had challenges with their mainstream IT vendor going out of business with a risk of running a de-supported system. A detailed strategic roadmap for replacement of existing IT core Banking solution along with a long term plan for establishing Data Centre & a Disaster Recovery Plan was created & executed working in collaboration with Bank’s IT and Business Units.....
Sales & Marketing Strategy
The Clients is a US based start-up Technology Company wanted to create India focus marketing & Sales strategy & implementation approach. The company products and features development roadmap was studied. A white-boarding session to brainstorm the company product & features development roadmap and identifying the local industry and target customer segments were carried out.....
Operational Excellence Strategy
The Client is a Manufacturing company providing smarter technologies, machines & solutions to healthcare industry. While the business has potential to grow, they were unable to grow as per expectations. The growth was limited due to operational challenges like not having any control on the order completion. Lack of processes and clear workflow definitions impacted the predictability of work and few clients’ urgency started driving the production impacting other clients.....

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