Our Services

One-off Business Transaction

A business owner or a leader may need to engage our experts for specific transaction advisory.

The engagements we have been involved till now includes;
1. Validation & feasibility study of business ideas
2. Evaluation of Core Banking Solutions & vendor due diligence
3. Financial due diligence for investment proposals
4. Specific advisory on business tie-ups
5. Geographical expansion for exports

Business Advisory on Retainership

As a part of growth story, in the process of transitions or transformations business leaders need someone to tap when they need the most.

The retainership engagement ensures that the expertise is available at the time of crisis or need.

The long term retainership ensures that the advisors are in-sync with the happenings of the company, can track and monitor the progress regularly as well as be in a position to provide timely decisions and course correction

As Board of Advisors

Our engagement as member of Board of Advisors to your company is a periodic & defined engagement to validate the leadership thinking, direction and set of actions to ensure that those are in line with business objectives and considers the market & competitive landscape and risks.

As an Independent Director

Our Directors have the extensive business experience with strategic thinking, transformational & digital know-how and expertise that can be valuable to companies across industries. They can benefit through appointment as Independent director.

Engagement Model

Call or write to us to schedule a meeting to explore how our advisory services can help you overcome your immediate challanges and provide long term trusted advisory services.

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