Breakthrough Results

We help Business Owners and Leaders achieve Breakthrough from Current State

Rapid Diagnostics & Breakthrough Results

Business Continuity today demands companies to drive both Revenue & Results. Owners & Leaders therefore need to;

  • Make their business stand out from competition
  • Reduce the amount of time & effort currently wasted on ineffective operations & processes
  • Build right structures, effective systems & processes to deliver higher results
  • Engage employees to deliver self owned targets month after month
  • Drive new business & generate additional business from existing clients

This is possible only if they are able to pull out their company form the current state so that it can accelerate on the path of Excellence & Profitable Growth.



We help companies to identify gaps, root causes of current inertia & slow growth and provide key insights to get the business back on track.

Rapid Diagnostics : In less than 20% of the time taken by conventional methods, we assess & identify 80% of the top gaps, problems & real reasons behind those.

Breakthrough Results : Through a Participative Solution Building exercise Key Leaders & Managers Create & Own their Company's Growth Roadmap which;

  • Provides clarity, focus & clear direction to run the business
  • Help them get more time from their daily routine to think, focus & execute plans to drive profitable business growth
  • Equips the teams to remove the barriers, increase their commitment & ownership for execution
  • Creates detailed execution plan with roles, responsibilities & measurements
  • Helps in driving up the revenue in a systematic & planned manner


Business gets Breakthrough from Current State & Accelerates on the Growth Path. Owners & Leaders are be able to;

  • Overcome the root causes of current lacklustre performance & inertia
  • Identify key steps & milestones to move their business from where it is now to where you want it to be
  • Improve Systems & Processes for operational efficiency & better customer experience
  • Operate the business in structured manner through objectives, metrics & measurements
  • Provides employees drive and impetus to perform at their best & take your business to where you want it to be

Success Stories

Breakthrough From Organisational Stress
The Client is a Project based technology solutions company operating for niche sectors at national and global level. Client faced challenges of missing customer timelines, most of the projects suffering from delays & escalations. Business was driven only to meet urgencies. The situation posed a threat to the commitment and brand value.....
Increase In Sales Conversion
The Client is an HR outsourcing firm offering outsourcing of core HR operations. The company had fast initial growth but after few quarters business stopped growing and new clients could not be on-boarded. In spite of their prospects having a need of their services, the meetings were not leading to conversions.....
Turnaround From Business Setback
The Clients is a contracting firm with more than 25 years of experience in handling projects of mid to large size across different cities. Following a series of business setbacks, the owner was struggling to put the firm back on track. Attempts to generate business were not yielding results & the gradually staff was leaving the firm due to no visibility of work.....
Transfer of Ownership to the Team
The Client is a providing contracted components to OEMs in HVAC with two decades of established business. The company had plans & capability to diversify through upcoming technology, however owners involvement in day-to-day operations was not allowing him time and energy to focus on new business opportunities.....

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